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How to go through a candidate application
How to go through a candidate application
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Are you ready to start the screening process in your recruitment? With the help of Talent Software, it is easy to find the information you need about your candidates - all to make your recruitment work as smooth as possible!

Overview of the process

  • The green line shows the status of the recruitment process

  • On each pipeline step you find the number of candidates

  • Under the step All you see the number of relevant candidates

  • In the pipeline step Not Relevant you find the candidates who are no longer relevant

How to find your candidates:

  1. Go to the Position tab

  2. Click on the relevant Position to see the candidates who have applied

  3. When you click on the position, you will see:

- All steps in the recruitment process

- How many candidates that exist in each step of the process

- All (All candidates who applied for the specific position)

- Hired (The candidate or candidates employed)

- Not relevant (All candidates marked as Not Relevant)

How to read a candidate's application:

  1. When you click on a candidate, you will be able to see:

✏️ The Candidate's first and last name

βœ‰οΈ The Candidate's Email Address

πŸ“ž The Candidate's mobile number

⭐️ The Candidate's star rating (1-5 stars)

πŸ” ABC categorization (if this is used)

πŸ‘©πŸ» Picture of the candidate (optional)

πŸŽ‚ The candidate's date of birth (optional)

️#️⃣ tags (if this is used)

πŸ—“ Timeline

Under the Timeline tab, you will find a timeline of everyone actively linked to a candidate. Here you can, for example, see all emails sent to the candidate, the comments you or a colleague wrote or when the candidate was moved to the Hired step.

πŸ“„ Documents (The documents uploaded by the candidate)

Under the Documents tab, you see all documents that the candidate has uploaded with his application. Here you can easily complete the candidates' application by uploading your own document. To do this, click on the Upload document button.

Did you know that all applications submitted to Talent Software are automatically converted to PDF documents - so that you can read the candidates' application directly in your browser. Flexible, right?

βœ‰οΈ Email

Under the Email tab you will find all the emails sent to the candidate via Talent Software. Here you can also easily email the candidate directly from Talent Software. All messages you send via Talent Software will be automatically saved under the Timeline and Email tabs.

Read this guide πŸ‘‰ How to email one or several candidates

πŸ’¬ Comments

Here under the tab Comments you will find all the comments written about the candidate. Here you can leave helpful notes about the candidate to yourself or one of your team members.

Eg. @Anna Svensson Booked in first telephone interview 8/4 at 10:30.

Screening questions

Have you used screening questions in your application process? Under the tab Screening questions, you will find the candidate's answers to the screening questions you asked when the candidate applied. You will also find the candidate's motivation.

A motivation is a more modern alternative to the personal letter. Instead of having to attach a personal letter with their application, candidates have the opportunity to respond briefly to "Tell us why you are interested in the position".

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βœ”οΈ Tests

Do you use tests in your application process? Under the tab Tests you will find the candidate's test results.

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