With the help of screening questions, you make it easy to evaluate candidates and save time during the selection process. In addition, you can use screening questions to automatically categorize candidates, highlight top candidates and as an alternative to CV!

All you need to do to set up screening questions for a specific position is to:

  1. Go to step 3. Screening

  2. Choose a question from your library of sample questions. There are five different types of screening questions:
    Yes / No questions (Ex. Do you have a B or C driving license)

    Election questions (If yes, what type of driver's license?)

    Number of years questions (How many years of experience do you have in vehicle inspection?)

    Value questions (Rate your English skills on a scale from 1-10)

    Free text questions (What are you working on at the moment?)

  3. The questions you select automatically end up in the "Selected screening questions for the position" list. Here you can choose to preview the questions, change the order of the questions or delete specific questions.

  4. After selecting screening questions, you can either choose to automatically A-, B-, C-categorize candidates based on how they responded or to publish your changes by clicking “Next” and then clicking Publish.

  5. Done! 🎉

Selection questions are handled and added by your administrators. If you do not find the selection question you are looking for, just write to one of your administrators or to us in the Talent Software chat and we will help you!

Here's a guide to how administrators add sample questions as templates.

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