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Reference checking with Refapp
Reference checking with Refapp

Do you want to make better recruitment decisions with digital reference checking?

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Do you want to make better recruitment decisions with digital reference checking? Refapp offers a professional, safe and flexible reference taking.

To be able to use digital reference checking through Refapp, the company needs to have a signed agreement with Refapp. If there is no agreement - please contact: [email protected]

Enable Refapp integration in Talent Software:

  1. Log in to Talent Software

  2. Go to Settings > Integrations

  3. Click + Add integration

  4. Select Integration Partner * = Refapp

  5. Fill in the Integration Key that you have received from Refapp

  6. Save

  7. Done 🥳

Add Refapp as a Pipeline step in Position

  1. Go to Positions

  2. Create + New Position or edit existing Position (Read here how to create a new Position)

  3. Go to step 2. Pipeline step

  4. Click Add + New Pipeline step

  5. Fill in the name of the step and if needed instructions. (Recommendation name = Refapp Reference Checking)

  6. Click at Test/Event

  7. Select Refapp from the list

  8. Select the type of Questionnaire

  9. Save

  10. Go to step 4 and Publish the Position

  11. Done 🥳

Request references from candidate

  1. Move the candidate to the pipeline step where Refapp Reference checking is added.

    (If the responsible recruiter or team member has not previously created an account in Refapp, the person may receive an email with an invitation to create a profile in

  2. Go to the candidate card

  3. Click on References

  4. Open up Refapp by pressing the arrow

  5. Click on the link to Refapp and you will now see that a project with the same name as your Position has been created in Refapp

  6. Click on the Project to request references from the candidate or add them manually.

  7. The candidate will now receive an email asking the candidate to submit names of references

  8. Once the candidate has submitted names of References, this can be seen as status: Pending in Talent Software under the References tab.

  9. An email is sent automatically to the Reference Persons

  10. When the reference persons have answered, the names are marked in green in Refapp and in Talent Software the status will be changed to Completed

  11. To see the answers, click on Refapp Reference Report. The result of the reference check is now displayed.

  12. Done! 🥳

(Note: If you within the organization have several email domains or use an external recruiter in the position, you must ensure that they are allowed domains in Refapp, this is done as an administrator in Refapp)

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