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How to create a new position template
How to create a new position template
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Make it easier to get started with new recruitments with the help of job templates!

Get started faster than ever with new recruits using job templates. As an administrator in Talent Software, you can now facilitate your and your colleagues' recruitment jobs by saving templates for different types of positions. The next time you create a new position, you can either choose to create a new position from scratch or choose to use one of your position templates. Flexible, right?

All you need to do to add a new position template is to:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to Templates

  3. Click + New position template

  4. Fill in the following information: (Click on the field below to read more)

5. You can also choose to fill in the following information: (click on the field below to read more)

- Screening questions

- Automatic Categorization

6. Done!

About the Position

Template name *

Here you fill in an internal name that is used so that all your users can quickly and easily find the right position template for their recruitment.

E.g Template for HK roles

Job title *

Here you fill in the title of the position you want to be visible to potential candidates on your career page.

πŸ‘ "Key Account Manager"

πŸ‘Ž "We Select is looking for a Key Account Manager for Stockholm"


Here you have the opportunity to paste or write in the actual description of the position. For the best possible results, we recommend that the description is 300 - 800 words long, contains a short introductory paragraph that is selling about the job opening and the company, and that all headings are marked as subheadings.

πŸ‘ 300 - 800 words long description

πŸ‘ A short introductory paragraph that sells the service and the company

πŸ‘ All headings are marked as "Subheadings"

πŸ‘Ž Description that is less than 100 words long or more than 1,100 words long

Select text for social media advertising (Optional)

Are you planning to advertise your job opening on social media? Here you have the opportunity to choose a short sharing text that will be displayed in combination with the ad images we produce. This short text could, for example, be copied from the introduction or introduction in your job description.

Recommended length: 150 - 250 characters

Maximum length: 600 characters

πŸ‘ "Are you interested in digital marketing, good at Photoshop and want to work at one of Sweden's fastest growing companies? Now we are looking for a Digital Marketing Assistant for our office in central Stockholm! Apply quickly and easily without a CV!"

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