How to set up pipeline steps

Setting up a custom recruitment process is easy! You can either start from a Pipeline template or create your own steps in no time! ๐Ÿ‘‡

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All you need to do to set up what a specific recruitment process should look like is to:

  1. Go to step 2. Pipeline steps

  2. Either you can choose to start from a template for pipeline steps or you can choose to manage and edit your process without starting from a template.

  3. Edit or delete a step by clicking on the arrow at the far right of the step

  4. Add a new step by clicking the +Add Step button

  5. Change the order of the steps by dragging the step to where you want them

  6. Regardless of whether you have selected a pipeline template or not, you can easily edit, delete or change the order of the steps included in the pipeline template under Arrange and edit your recruitment pipeline steps (your changes do not affect the steps in the pipeline template, only the pipeline steps in your open position).

  7. Proceed to the next step in the process (3. Screening) by clicking Next

Process templates are handled and added by your administrators. If you do not find the template you are looking for, just write to one of your administrators or to us in the Talent Software chat and we will help you!

Hereยดs a guide for administrators how to create a pipeline template!

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