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How to create Position list at the Intranet
How to create Position list at the Intranet

Do you want to embed the position list at your intranet as an Iframe? Follow this guide!

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Do you want available positions to be visible at your intranet? Maybe you have a couple of posts that you only want to publish internally? Then you can add a Position list as an Iframe, easy right?

Create a position list for your Intranet 👇

  1. Go to settings

  2. Click on the career page and scroll down to Iframe settings

  3. Click on + Add position list

  4. Select a name E. g Open Positions

  5. The Key field shows what is visible in the URL and is filled automatically based on what is filled in the name field, this can be customized

  6. Turn on Show hidden positions, then the positions you have hidden from will also be visible on the career page

  7. Link type: Choose how the link option should be visualized

  8. Text in link column: Add text e.g Apply now. In the drop down list, you can choose where to refer the reader (We recommend choosing “Always Position page”)

  9. Custom CSS stands for Cuscading style sheet and shows what a website looks like. A general style is added here if there are no special wishes

  10. Save

  11. Now you can click on the icon with three dots and download the link. The link can now be embedded on the intranet

  12. Done 🥳

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