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How we create your career page
How we create your career page

The first time you use Talent Software, we create a career page. It is a landing page where the candidate is referred to read more about you

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When we build your career page in Talent Software, we start from your website and the material that is there. If you have other material you want us to include, you are welcome to send it to your contact person at We Select.

The material we can download from your website includes:

  • Logo

  • Pictures

  • Video

  • Colors

  • Fonts

When it comes to text content, we also copy it from your website. We do not write texts but work with what is available. We choose text based on what attracts candidates, and thus avoid text that is aimed directly towards your customers.

Examples of information that we usually try to include if it is on your website:

  • About us

  • Our coworkers

  • Work with us

  • Our history

  • Benefits

  • Vision, mission and values

In addition to text and material from your website, the positions you publish and which are open to applications will be visible on the career page. It is also possible to add our Subscribe function, where candidates can subscribe to upcoming vacancies. Click here for more information about Subscribe.

Is there anything in particular you want to highlight on your career page? Send material and texts to your contact person at We Select.

Good to know

All pages created in Talent Software are based on the same basic structure and are built of blocks. This means that we are sometimes limited when it comes to layout and design on the page. We always do our best to ensure that your career page matches your website, and are happy to receive suggestions for improvement.

All pages created in Talent Software follow the same standard for link names; company Do you want to use a custom link for your career page? All you need to do is follow this guide or forward the link to your IT department.

Example of a career page


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