For example, do you want to analyze your vacancies or see statistics for your job advertising? With the help of Talent Software Analytics, it is easy to get an overview of all your vacancies, as well as to measure the effect of your recruitment work over time. Here you will find, among other things, statistics for how many views you have received from your career page, how many top candidates you have received per position and your average Time-to-Fill over time.

Talent Software Analytics is currently only visible to administrators.

Talent Software Analytics is updated daily between 01: 00-03: 00.

Start Date

The date the job was published and became visible on your career page


The name of the position


The chosen location of the position


What step in your recruitment process that you have reached


If you purchased a job advertisement for a specific position directly in Talent Software, the position will automatically be marked as Sponsored. *

* Soon, advertising orders placed outside Talent Software will also be marked as sponsored.

Ad Views

The number of impressions of your ads on social media

Page Views

The number of views of your job description


The number of applications you received in Talent Software

Top Talent

Number of applications rated 4-5 stars

Top Talent Rate

Percentage of applications rated 4-5 stars


The number of candidates moved to the Employees step


The number of days from the time the position was published until you moved one or more candidates to the “Hired” step


The number of views of your career page per channel


The number of views of your career page per unit


The number of views of your career page per gender


The number of views of your career page per day compared to the number of applications per day

Average Time-to-Fill in Days

Average number of days from the time a position is published until you have moved candidates to the step “Hired” (Over time)

Export data from Analytics

The data available in Analytics can be exported to Excel. Follow the steps below to succeed 👇

  1. Click any field in the table. Three icons will be visible in the right corner of the table

  2. Click the icon with three horizontal dots

  3. Select Export data

  4. Select Data with current layout. The data is now exported to Excel

  5. Done! 🎉

Talent Software shows statistics from 21/10- 2020 up to and including today's date.

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