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How do I link a position to an external apply form?
How do I link a position to an external apply form?
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Do you want received applications to be received on a platform other than Talent Software? Then the position can be linked to the external apply form by updating the URL, which means that when the candidate presses the position or the "apply" button, the candidate comes to that URL and the alternative application form.

Link the position to an External application form

  1. Click Positions

  2. Click the three-dot icon to the right of the title of the current position

  3. Click Edit

  4. Scroll to the bottom of step 1. External Link

  5. Press the blue arrow on the right side

  6. Click in the box "Use Alternative apply form". You now have the opportunity to add a link to the external apply form

  7. Paste the link to the external apply form. If the position description is not visible but you want the customer to be directly linked to the external position description, you can click from the box Show position description on position page

  8. Done! You can now go directly to step 4 and publish the position.

  9. When candidates click the "Apply" button on your Position in Talent Software, they will be forwarded to the apply form you linked.

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