Once you have logged in to Talent Software, it's time to update your user profile and contact information. Here you can quickly and easily update your password or language choice. In addition, your contact information is automatically retrieved from the user profile when you then send an email via Talent Software or are selected as the responsible recruiter for an open position - super flexible!

All you need to do to update your profile is to:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and click on Profile

  2. Or click on Settings in the left menu and select the Profile tab

Here on your Profile page you can easily update:

  1. Your profile picture

  2. Your first - and last name

  3. Your phone number

  4. Your choice of language

    You can choose between:

    - Swedish

    - English

    - German

    - Danish

    - Finnish

    - Norwegian

  5. Your email signature

  6. Your choice of password

  7. All you need to do after updating your information is click the Save button

  8. Done! 🎉

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